Thursday, July 28, 2011

All around photos

 Dressing up... in a brown paper bag!
 Watching Mommy go back to work.
 Boxes are always great entertainment!
 Maysie hiding!
 My monkeys!
 OUCH!!! So many bite marks.
 Watching Mommy go to work.
 So tired they fell asleep as they were playing. Notice Makenna is holding onto the chair and Maysie has one right next to her! LOL
 Makenna has been very tired lately, think she might be getting sick.
 Having fun with cousin Josie!
 Running from Aunt Kristin's dog.
 Playing with the dogs, so much fun!

 Having popcorn with Grandpa
 Pretending to be babies, in Jace's bed.
 Hiding behind the couch. Grandma had to remove the end table and lamps from her living room cause they kept climbing them to jump on the couch and Jace kept taking the lamps down...therefore they had togo!
  Watching Jace's TV after his nap.
 Playing on Jace's bed!
 Jaeli is obsessed with labels, always peeling them.
Jace got a hold of one of the girls milk cup and spilled it on the floor, then rolled around in it, he thought it was so funny.

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