Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jace 18 Months

Jace had his 18 month check up a couple weeks ago. I am way behind in posts, so I thought I would start with this one. Love the picture of him from our recent vacation but he looks so big! Where in the world did my baby boy go? I can't believe how old he looks, such a cutie! Love my baby boy!

He has become quite the daddy's boy lately, he only wants Josh or Grandpa, that is it. If neither one here, then I will do! Josh can't leave the room or he goes nuts and screams and cries until he comes back. He is such a boy, always getting hurt, always getting into stuff and loves to do things just to hear me say NO. His favorite is climbing up the chairs and walking around on the table. He will be the first to get a broken bone I am sure. He has been starting to talk a little more. He can say most words, he just chooses not to say them. A couple times I got him to play a game with me in the car and repeat every word I said. But he usually wont do it if I ask. He says daddy and papa the most. Don't really hear mama or momma much but on occasion. He says a few others, ball, dog, milk, cookie, no, I am sure there are many more, but they only come out on occasion. He has fits just as bad as his sisters, he learned from the best! He is still my lovey boy though, likes to cuddle and is giving hugs and kisses now. Getting too big, too fast!

He is 24lbs 8oz and 32" tall
(1 year: 22lbs 4oz and 29.5")

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