Sunday, July 31, 2011

Michigan Vacation - Hotel (5 of 5)

Love this picture! He is such a daddy's boy.
They LOVED Grandma and Grandpa's big tub!
Of course they had to play with the water!
Jaeli very nervous, taking it all in. This was their first official time staying the night in a hotel.
Jaeli loved looking at herself...and making out with her self in the mirror!
Bath time! All 5 grand kids took a bath together.
Having fun in the tub!
They each got their own bed. Our room and a main area with two beds, then another room with a HUGE bed that Josh and Jace slept in. And we got a roll-a-way bed so they could all have their own bed.
Jaeli was the only one who slept all night long. She did scream "no, no, no" once, I went to check on her and she was still asleep.
I slept in each of their beds at some point during the night as well as the big bed with Josh. That only lasted about an hour though until one woke up crying for me. Maysie fell out once and ended up sleeping on the floor, she fell off, cried a second and then fell asleep just as she was! I think at one point, me, Maysie and Mak were all on the roll-a-way. It was a rough night, but not as bad as camping. I got more sleep in the hotel than camping. It was nice and quiet and dark!
Jace chilling with daddy as usual!
Maysie loving the tub.
Jaeli playing with the fireplace remote.

Makenna taking it all on.

Overall, the hotel stay went pretty well. Not sure its worth it for one night, I think the second night would have went better since they would have experienced it already. They did really well... most of the time. We did not get to do as much as we hoped, but I know they had a blast and that is all that matters! They don't get out much, way too much stress for me... but I am glad we got to do this for them. It will get easier as they get older...harder in other ways, but to see them so excited to be somewhere else is great!

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