Sunday, July 31, 2011

Michigan Vacation - Eating Out (4 of 5)

Our first stop, the girls enjoyed themselves. Don't remember the name, but they had lots of cars.
Jaeli having a good time!
Our last stop... Jace playing with daddys phone to keep him happy while they wait on their food.
Maysie very tired after a long weekend. She was drama!
Makenna enjoying herself!
Maysie chilling with Grandpa while we wait to be seated.
Makenna found a bug on the ground, she was obsessed with it.

This was our first restaurant stop, so Jaeli was nervous, new things always make her nervous!

They did pretty well at the restaurants, only had one melt down with Maysie. But took her outside and talked with her and then she was fine when we came back in!

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