Sunday, July 31, 2011

Michigan Vacation - Bella Boos (2 of 5)

 Building Room
 Loved the slides!
 Spent most of the time in the jungle gym room.
 Jaeli had a good time.
 Maysie reading a book.
 Dress up!
 Maysie playing in the Kitchen
 Makenna loving it!
 Way up high!
 Jace enjoyed himself!
 Mr. Dare Devil!
 So so very high... we heard Maysie crying once, not sure what exactly happened, but when she came down she had face paint on her forehead that was not there before she went up!
 Hi Mommy!
 Jace kept trying to go up backwards!

 Going shopping!

Bella Boos was a big play house for kids, it was great! They all had so much fun. They even had a toddler room that was like a really big play pin that Jace played in for a bit. They had around a dozen different areas/rooms that had a theme. A water room, a jungle gym, building room, paint room, reading room, kitchen, dress up, grocery store and a few others. And everything was made for kids. It was hard to find and I was not too sure of it at first, but once we got there, it was great! We would go to each room with them and just sit and watch them. They also had a regular sized cafe area you could sit at and eat while you watched them play. If we are every up that way again, we will have to stop in!

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