Sunday, July 31, 2011

Michigan Vacation - The Pool (1 of 5)

 Having so much fun swimming in the kiddie pool!
 Makenna was in heaven!
 Maysie loved being able to swim without her wings!
 Makenna was splashing everyone!
 They really loved getting their hair wet!
 Makenna trying to get Jace to jump to her!
 And Makenna jumping in! She tried the big pool a couple times, thankfully Grandpa had an eye on her so he could yell for Josh to get her before she went in without any protection on! She was very daring, went one step too far (while Josh was with her), so she decided she didn't like it anymore and stayed in the kiddie pool!
 Splashing around in the water!
 Jace had a blast jumping in, I even got in so I could play with him. He just kept jumping over and over and saying "Jump again!".
 Jaeli and Mak LOVED the slide, Maysie would go up the stairs but not go down the slide.
Makenna was watching the big kids go down it and decided to give what they were doing a try, going head first backwards! She loved it of course! I think this helped them feel even more comfortable with the water cause now they let daddy throw them in the big pool (with their arms of course) and they go under, head and all! They must be holding their breath cause they don't cry when they come back up and usually want to do it again. Jace doesn't seem to mind too much.

This was probably their favorite part of the trip, they had so much fun. I loved that they could go in the water and not have to worry so much that they would go under if someone wasn't in it with them. It only came up to their knees, maybe a little higher. Jace had to wear wings, just to be safe since he was being daring and jumping in ALL THE TIME!

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