Monday, July 5, 2010

The Forth Of July

Makenna throwing a ball - this is where she started and ended up getting out of it. She was too big for it!
About an hour later she was swimming all by herself with just wings and a tube!
Same for Maysie, she eventually wanted out when she say Makenna get out!
Maysie swimming all by herself!!!
Jaeli just relaxing in her tube!
Jaeli thinking about going down the water slide!
Jace chilling on the deck! He is not much of a swimmer yet!
All of us in our floats that we only used once!

We spent the 4th with Josh's family. We had a good time.

The girls went swimming a lot! They loved it! Makenna and Maysie are our fish! Jaeli was just chilling and relaxing! I was so surprised how well they were doing, well that is when they were not having a melt down. But it kept them happy for the most part. They did not get to see any fireworks, it was just too late for them and they were already up too late, so they had to go to bed. Jace loved them though! He was wide awake through it all!

We decided to try and stay the night there and see how it would go. Josh's mom emptied out her room pretty much and moved the bed against the closet so they could not get in it. Then we set up three playards for naptime and bedtime. HA! Yeah right, what was I thinking??? There was nothing in that room but the play pins and the bed. It took them an hour to fall asleep because they decided to get out of the play pins and try to climb onto the very tall and big bed. Josh's mom though there was no way they could get on it cause she even had trouble getting on it. Well....they found their way! So of course they refused to go back into their playards. So once they finally fell asleep, I went in and put them in their playards and they slept for almost an hour. Boy were they grumpy the rest of the night.

As for bedtime...well that did not go too well either. It also took them an hour to fall asleep and I had to wait until they fell asleep on the big bed once again and then put them into bed. They did not fall asleep until 9:30, bedtime is normally 7pm. I thought if we put them down at 830, they should be tired...nope, stayed up for an hour. It was crazy. I had to put things in front of the door to keep it shut so they would not escape during the middle of the night. But they did sleep through all the fireworks!

And then Jace decided he wanted to be wide awake at 3 in the morning, which is very unusual, think there was too much noise and people going in and out. Josh's mom took him and put him to sleep so I could go back to sleep since I had no clue when the three tornado's would be up! I still only got about 3 hours of sleep that night.

Bright and Early! 630 in the morning, an hour earlier than usual I had 4 babies awake, plus my niece and nephew. It was just me and Josh's mom with all 6 kids half awake. We took them outside to play so they would not wake the others. That was not fun, it got hot fast! They were very tired and cranky and all three of the girls just wanted me, it was driving me nuts!

I decided to get daddy up and take them home around 930, they were just too tired and we had their birthday party later that day. So we get home and give them all a much needed bath. Then we feed um lunch and go play for awhile. They were so tired Maysie fell asleep on me. We put them to bed about an hour earlier than normal and they all fell right to sleep and slept 3 hours! I was hoping it would help with the fussiness at the party later that day. Mom, Dad and Jace all took a nap too before the party!

But it was all worth the few days of cranky babies! Don't plan on doing it again anytime soon though! We like to be home were we are all comfortable!

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