Friday, July 2, 2010


We celebrated our birthday as soon as we got up! We had no plans or parties on their actual birthday, so wanted to do something! And daddy even got up for it!

The Johnson Triplets First Year

The Johnson Triplets Second Year

Well its been 2 years! Above I have the link to the videos from the first and second year. The first will always be the best. But thought I would do one for the second year too! I wish I had put more thought into it, after I had a CD printed I thought of many other ways to do it to make it neat, but I guess I will just save it for their 3 year video!

What has happened this last year...

-We made a big move to Grandma J and Grandpa R's house.
-We got a new baby girl cousin.
-We got a new baby brother.
-We bought a new house and spent lots of time with Grandma B and Grandpa K so mommy, daddy, grandma and grandpa could work on it.
-We made another big move into our new home!
-We were in our aunts wedding!

It's been a busy year! It has been rough also. We have all been biting, hitting, pulling hair, kicking, biting ourselves, throwing tantrums! We have also been experimenting by trying new things like opening all the doors and exploring mommy and daddy's room and bathrooms! But we have also had many good moment, more than the bad. We have learned to hug and kiss and say I love you. We are also learning new words every day. We have learned to swim and eat with silver ware! They are just learning so much every day, they really have become big girls!

Our next step is eating at the table with mommy and daddy. We are also going to start potty training! Learning time is going to become something I want to make sure is done every day. Preschool is way to expensive, so it is all going to be put on mommy and grandma to get them where they need to be developmentally!

She has not changed much. But she is losing her role as the bully! She can be very sweet, loves to give hugs and kisses. I would say her two favorite people are mommy and grandpa Jack. She is very shy when she is around new people, it takes her awhile to warm up! But if she likes you, she is your new best friend! She loves her aunt Jarilyn and her cousin Callie! She still steals quite often, thinks she is the queen of the toys! She is by far the biggest and tallest! She loves her brother, always gives him hugs!

She has become the bully. She can be the sweetest thing in the world and then the next second she is the biggest...well lets just say she can be very mean! She scratches and bites and pushes and whatever else she can do to get what she wants or just cause she feels like doing it. She is still very independent and LOVES her grandma B! I think she would probably choose daddy over me if Grandma is not around! She has her tantrums too! She will scream and scream at the top of her lungs and it will go on forever! But when she is sweet, you just got to love it!

She is still the funny one, loves to make you laugh. She is still a mommy's girls! She loves to be held and cuddled. She likes to throw fits a lot when she does not get her way. It does get annoying though when every time I try to do something, she is right there wanting to be held. It nice to feel very needed/wanted! But she is my smiley girl, my silly girl! She always makes me laugh every day no matter how bad of a day we are having. She loves to do whatever Makenna is doing as well. Once Makenna does something, she is right there behind her doing it too!

Things we are going to work on this next year...

Potty Training
Getting rid of Paci's
Better talking
The behavior, bitting, hitting, scratching, etc. (Time Outs)
Throwing food on the floor, once we do it, we are done!
Eating whatever mommy makes!
Later bedtime

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