Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pee Pee In The Potty - First Attempt

Notice Makenna sitting backwards, she finally caught on about 10 min. later!
Jaeli trying to sit down!

Well I was not going to start until after thier birthday party this weekend and when we have time to be home for a few days and go no where! Well we were watching our potty video and Makenna acted like she wanted to go potty by looking at the movie and then tugging on her diaper. So I asked her and she said yes. So I went and pulled out the potties.

Well...they just sat on them, played with them, took them apart, fought over who got which one, etc.! No one actually went potty!

So I let them run around without their diaper for a couple hours, just waiting, but nothing. So we put pull ups on and tried again every so often.

Then right before bed, Maysie had went pee pee on the floor, thankfully not the carpet! I explained to her that she should go in the potty and not on the floor, stayed positive about it.

So for the next few days I am just going to do what I did today, let them watch the video once a day and then a couple hours each day give it a try!

Then when we have the time in a week or two, we are going to go cold turkey, no diapers all day long (except naptime and bedtime). I am sure I will have lots of wet panties and a few poopy messes to clean up, but if we are lucky, it will only take a few days to catch on.

I have a jar of m&m's ready! 1 for pee pee and 2 for poo poo! I don't think they get the concept yet that they have to pull their pants down to go pee pee in the potty. But I am sure it will take some time for them to understand.

If after a few days they still don't get it, then we are going to wait another month and try again. And then repeat every month or so until they get it!

Wish us luck! I will post the picture of our first attempt later!

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