Friday, July 30, 2010

Pics of a normal day...

Look at that face. Where did my baby go? Seriously, she looks 4! She is getting so big so fast. I miss my baby! She is my huger and kisser! She loves to give them to me anytime I ask! I think she is going to be extremely smart and a tom boy! And you can't forget that she LOVES to be chased. It is her favorite thing in the whole world! She is still very much the initiater, the other two always follow what she is doing! Love my big girl! Oh the screams...if only they would stop!
Miss Independent! Jaeli looking innocent as ever. HA HA, yeah right! She likes to pretend she is all sweet and innocent and then she attacks! But she can be such a sweet heart! According to my parents, she is a mini me! She is the best with the tickles, love her laugh. She has a new sound... she shapes the lips into an O and says OhOhOh, OhOhOh, OhOhOh. She only does it when you lift her up really high! It is so funny! She has the cutest smile ever, love to see it!

This is a perfect pic of maysie. She is almost always sitting/laying with me and is usually moody or drama! She has not been liking having her picture taken lately. She just wants her momma! Although, I think today she sat with Grandpa more! She is also getting teeth in, so makes it 10x worse! But she is by far my cuddler! Always the first to sit with me when reading books at night. She is still so tiny, she will always be my baby girl! Her facial expressions are the best!!!

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