Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Holding Hands

Holding Hands. Jaeli refused to hold Makennas, could only hold Maysies.
Holding hands walking down the hall way.
All of us holding hands. (I think this was Maysie idea, first she started with Jaeli, and then Makenna saw and had to get in on it. Usually Maysie is the follower.)

The girls new thing now is holding hands and hugging each other. One day Maysie and Jaeli just kept hugging over and over until Maysie fell down and hurt herself. Then she wanted nothing to do with hugging and just wanted held. Oh but Jaeli was so devastated that Maysie would not hug her anymore, all she wanted was to keep hugging Maysie. Makenna tried to hug her and I tried to hug her, but nope, just Maysie. And when they twins were hugging, Makenna tried but they would not let her. I felt so bad for her. What will we do if the twins become really close??? I just made sure I gave Makenna some extra hugs and kisses and loved on her a lot while they were doing it. Maybe Makenna and Jace will have a connection. I sure hope so!

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