Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Frist (of Two) Birthday Parties!

JJ and her cupcake, not sure if she is aloud to eat it!
MJ tasting it first!
All of us sitting down to eat our cupcakes. Makenna dug into hers before we even finished Happy Birthday. No candles was too windy!
Taking a boat trip with!
Jace relaxing in the pool with Aunt Tammy!
JJ having fun with Uncle Mike!

Makenna and Maysie having fun in the water!
Makenna eating her cupcake!
This is what they looked like after their nap. It was a rough couple days!

We had a good time. Everyone was great, helping us with all the kids. We had it at Josh's aunts house. They have a pool, so it was a great day to go swimming! The kids did pretty well. They were a little fussy from the night before. Presents went pretty well, except for Makenna having a melt down cause she wanted more cup cakes! They loved their cupcakes! Took JJ and MJ awhile to figure out they could eat it. But MK dug right in! Overall I know they had fun! And went right to bed when we got home!

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