Monday, July 5, 2010

Water Park

Makenna having a blast! She was all by herself, loving it. She was not liking it so much anymore when other kids came. She just kept watching them!
Mak loving her pudding!
Jaeli sitting with grandpa instead of running through the water! Think it was too cold for her!
Jaeli also loving her pudding!
Jace just chilling with grandpa!

Maysie was with my parents for the weekend so we took the other three to the water park. We knew Makenna would love it, she had been there once before. Jace we figured would just stay in his stroller and chill with Grandpa. I think he only fussed once or twice! As for Jaeli, she did not like it at all, stayed with grandpa the whole time! We then took them to Pizza Hut after wards. They did pretty well except for Makenna's melt down right at the end when we took her food away to clean her up so we could leave!

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